The elevations of the building are designed using a combination of classical elements and design principles, and historical references to the Wright Prairie Style, modified to meet the current building and environmental requirements of the site in Southwest Florida. The building plan is reflected in the elevations, organized into three clearly defined areas: the Meeting Hall on the left, a service core with Kitchen, Restroom, & Utility areas in the middle, and Classrooms, Nursery, & Offices on the right side.

Three dimensional renderings were created during the preliminary design phase of the project, used to study the building form in relation to the site, and to explain the design to the building committee.

The view from the Meeting Hall was of particular importance, and the building shell shown in the drawing below was created using 3D Studio software. Using Photoshop software, the computer image was then overlaid onto a background made by scanning photographs of the actual site. The resulting rendering closely depicts the actual room, prior to construction!

 Meeting Hall Views

Meeting Hall Design Study



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