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St. Monica's Church

St. Monica's Episcopal Church
Naples, Florida

Portfolio 1989-2000

Religious Projects
Church of the Nativity
St.Mark's Church
St.Monica's Church
St.Peter the Apostle
St.Margaret of Scotland
St.Francis Gymnasium
Unitarian Universalist Hall


St.Monicas Episcopal Church Parish Hall


Office Entrance

Administrative and Classroom Wing



  • Rev. John S. Adler and the Vestry of St. Monica's Church

  • Victor J. Latavish & Michael E. Thomas Architectural Drawings

  • Jenkins & Charland Inc., Fort Myers, Florida Structural Engineers

  • Burgess Engineering Inc., Fort Myers, Florida Electrical Engineer

  • Robert E. Jewett, PE, Fort Myers, Florida, Mechanical Engineer

  • Bruce Green Associates, Naples, Florida Civil Engineers

  • R. L. Schmeckpeper Inc., Naples, Florida General Contractor

  • Golden Gate Excavators, Ed Heinlein, Golden Gate, Florida, Site Contractor

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